Dr. Virginia Cha

Venture Partner, Singapore

Dr. Virginia Cha is a highly sought-after professor of innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore with multiple appointments at Singapore’s leading tertiary education institutions: Adjunct Professor at NUS Business School, Adjunct Professor at INSEAD, Professor-in-Residence at Platform E (a member of SIM), and other adjunct appointments at SMART (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) and Lean LaunchPad @Singapore.

In her multi-faceted 39 year-long industry and academic career that spanned multiple countries, Virginia co-founded or was the sole-founder and CEO of multiple venture-funded, hi-tech companies in Singapore and China, with listings on NASDAQ and HKSE. She has co-authored a book “Asia’s Entrepreneurs: Dilemmas, Risks and Opportunities” which captured Singapore’s recent entrepreneurial history. Additionally, Virginia is a member of the Future Council of World Economic Forum. In addition to teaching entrepreneurship, Virginia is also an active researcher, mentor, and angel investor in Singapore’s entrepreneur ecosystem.

Virginia’s latest research into innovation is on the subject of restorative innovation (www.restorativeinnovation.com). This emergent framework uses an economic model on how sustainable goods can reach mass consumption through innovation along three dimensions: increased supply, supply chain efficiency, and increased adoption. This framework is now a subject taught in all the leading Singapore tertiary institutions in innovation.

Virginia earned her Bachelor of Science in Information Computer Science, University of Hawaii, in 1980, and her PhD from National University of Singapore, with concentration in entrepreneurial logic as the key research thesis.