Addison Kang

Venture Partner, Singapore

Addison Kang currently serves as Vice President of Shanda Games International (NASDAQ: GAME), listed as one of the top online game publishers in the world. He joined Shanda in June 2010 when Cherry Credits Pte Ltd, the company he founded, was acquired by Shanda.

Addison is a recognized name in the Asian online and electronic gaming industry. He has over 15 years of serial entrepreneurship and has founded three companies: Cherry Credits, AsiaSoft Online, and SG Web. Cherry Credits is a premier electronic pre-payments provider and online game publisher.

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Addison has in-depth knowledge of computer and mobile gaming, covering publishing and licensing, product analysis, planning and making, regulatory policy games, brand community building and customer support, usability and monetization, Ad Tech marketing, as well as billing and distribution.

Addison is also an experienced publishing producer and has a following on Instagram and a growing number of 65,000 fans on his personal Facebook page. He was elected President of the Game Exchange Alliance of Singapore and is well connected to the game development and game publishing community in Southeast Asia.