Marco Landi

Advisor, Europe

Marco serves as the President and Co-Founder at Atlantis Ventures, a consulting and advisory group. He has over 40 years of international operating experience in high-tech companies at the highest level and in the three continents; Europe, Asia and America.

He spent three years with Apple Computer, Inc as the Chief Operating Officer and was accountable for the implementation of Apple's overall business plans across the world. He first joined Apple as the President of the European Operations after 25 years with Texas Instruments.

At Texas Instruments, Marco held a variety of national and international marketing and management positions and as the President and General Manager of Texas Instruments Europe and Middle East. He also served for several years as the President of Texas Instruments Asia and was the driving force behind a corporate strategy for the emerging markets in China and India.

In 1994, Marco was elected as the President of the European Chapter of the American Electronics Association. As President of Texas Instruments EMEA, he won the prestigious European Quality Award.

Marco sits on the Board of VeriSilicon, a semiconductor company based in Shanghai.