Pioneer in producing new class of enterprise storage systems.

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E-commerce has created a competitive imperative for the increased use and storage of information. Data and information technology are no longer just important support functions, but have become vehicles for revenue generation.

3PAR's enterprise storage systems address a large and fast-growing multi-billion dollar market. In addition to exceptional hardware performance, availability and reliability, the company's innovative software is designed to simplify and accelerate data and analysis intensive applications, such as data warehousing (business intelligence, decision support and e-commerce). The target customers are e-business companies, click & mortar (financial, mass retail), ASP/AIP and storage outsourcers.

Founded in 1999, 3PAR first shipped the InServ storage server in 2002. It has been described as a "pioneer and champion" for thin provisioning, a mechanism to improve the utilization efficiency of storage capacity deployment. The company completed an initial public offering in November 2007 and was initially listed on the NYSE arca. In 2010, the company was recognized by Forbes magazine as the fourth fastest growing technology company in its Tech25 list, and was eventually acquired by Hewlett Packard.