Building Intelligence for Autonomous Transport System.

  • Industry
    IOT / Smart Cities
  • Founded
  • Headquarters
  • Invested
    November, 2016

SWAT Mobility aspires to be the leading technology provider shaping smart mobility in Asia, a complete mobility solutions for Autonomous Transport and Logistics System to serve Asia's Smart Cities. The Company builds a central command system which orchestrates the movement of fleets by controlling how commuters are picked up and dropped off.

Established its flagship app, SWAT, making it the first mover to realise an orchestrated fleet movement with its high capacity pooling algorithm. In February 2018, the company was awarded a Phase One tender by Land Transport Authority for Public On-Demand Bus Trials. Riding on the waves of shared economy and smart cities, backed by the initial success in the domestic market, SWAT Mobility aims to establish global footprint in eight other cities by 2020.

I believe that if vehicles become autonomous in the future, we will need to think of a mobility structure which is moved by a central command system powered by algorithms, transporting people at a speed similar to taxis but priced like that of a bus.

Arthur Chua