Transforming the Future of Commodity Trading.

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    May, 2017

After observing his father's B2B commodities trading business for over 20 years, Sim Jian Min, a former machine learning researcher with a Masters in Engineering from Oxford University, realised there were tremendous inefficiencies and a lack of transparency in the way the industry operated. With the ambition of shaking up this staid industry, Jian Min decided to partner his father to start SourceSage.

SourceSage captures unstructured industry data onto a digitalized and intelligent platform, enabling users, including traders, brokers, distributors and manufacturers, to get customized and timely information in a cost-effective way. Powered by Big Data analytics the startup helps users to better understand what customers look for and empowers decision makers with more organized information, subsequently facilitating purchasing and sales. With an operations and customer footprint in over one hundred countries, SourceSage aims to develop the world's first "Amazon" of market information and opportunities in the physical commodities trading space.

The more business deals that we close using such an infrastructure, the more companies and individuals will be interested to join, and the more sophisticated data products the platform can generate for the benefit of our own business growth.

Jian Min