Leading provider of sub-micron scale EDA software & services.

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A fundamental trend in the semiconductor industry was for the dimension of semiconductor chips to get smaller and smaller. With smaller chip dimension, more logic gates could be squeezed into a chip, which both lowered cost and improved performance. But as chip dimension became smaller, down to sub-micron scale, many previously ignored factors, such as quantum physics and interconnect interferences, had to be taken into account in the chip design to result in a chip that actually worked.

Celestry was a leading provider of EDA tools and services that facilitated the design and manufacture of sub-micron scale semiconductor chips. Its solutions helped to close the gap between potential sub-micron tech performance and the performance of integrated circuits and systems on chips. It delivered a comprehensive suite of modeling, simulation, physical analysis and physical synthesis tools and services for developing digital, RF, mixed-signal and analog Ics and SoCs incorporated in networking, communication, multimedia, and computing products.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, Celestry was acquired by Cadence Design Systems.