Inspiring genomic design.

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Inscripta sells instruments and associated consumables (chemical reagents) kits for R&D use in the life science industries of healthcare, agriculture and industrial bio-tech. The company’s key purpose is to inspire and enable new biology by making the process of writing single-cells simple, efficient, and robust.

Its flagship product, ForgeCraft, is a benchtop instrument that automates the design and implementation of very complex workflows to precisely engineer living cells for a wide array of applications via the use of CRISPR-based gene editing techniques. ForgeCraft’s capability to perform traceable, massively multi-plex gene edits in a recursive manner is unique. It is a highly efficient tool which enables the engineering of cells and cell lines, producing high-value proteins of interest reliably. The company’s vision is to provide tools to enable researchers to efficiently explore the genome using forward engineering principles.

Biological researchers are being asked to solve some of the most complicated problems in the history of humankind; however, to try to do so without the innovative and sophisticated tools necessary is not viable much less optimal. In order to solve this dilemma, the scientific community, with support from business and technology leaders, must put effort behind both advancements in CRISPR research and advancements in the tools needed to do this research.

Kevin Ness