Leading supplier of Network Behaviour Analysis (NBA) Systems.

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Teraburst Networks, an optical switch networking company founded in 2000, raised US$55 million during the height of the optical communications boom. With the collapse of the optical communications markets in 2002, Teraburst was converted to an incubator. The following year, Ashok Jain, CEO of Teraburst, reassembled some of the former key employees of Internet Devices, a company he had founded and subsequently sold to Alcatel, to begin work on a security solution targeting Denial of Service attacks, a rapidly growing security problem. Thus was born IntruGuard Devices.

Among the main differentiators of IntruGuard's technology were its comprehensive features for rate-based attack support covering layers 2/3/4, all protocols, ports and flood attacks; high performance proprietary hardware chipsets enabling in-line setup at gigabit speeds; continuous learning and adaptive threshold estimation; and fine-grained diagnosis to pinpoint malicious traffic while allowing "untainted" traffic to flow through, thereby preventing a complete shutdown of the network/resource. Low in cost yet high in performance, it also featured patent pending architecture.