Revolutionise mobile video experiences.

  • Industry
    Digital Media
  • Founded
  • Headquarters
    Oslo, Norway
  • Invested
    April, 2016

Movi is the world’s most powerful mobile video player. Providing for the very first time truly interactive end-user video experiences.

Movi enables the next generation of highly engaging and immersive mobile video experiences. Allowing any mobile video developer and publisher to build the next generation of mobile video products with ease and succeed in no time.

Movi works with all existing video content and streaming protocols, both video on demand and live streams.

By analysing user engagement and behavior, Movi uses machine learning and neural networks is used to generate an ever deeper understanding of user attention and engagement to video content and presentation.

These are the two key components needed to succeed in building a modern mobile video product, increasing engagement and generating deeper insights.

Our mission is to make video freely interactive and creative at the point of consumption. DVD-like interfaces are not for mobile or any future platforms. It's also very hard to build any sufficient mobile video product using the legacy client side technology out there. With Movi, we want to help any developer and publisher build the most engaging and valuable mobile video products. Video has never felt better with Movi.

Lars-Erik Ravn
CEO & Co-founder