Making sense of personal finance.

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In a 40,000-square-foot area on the top two floors of a building on Market Street in San Francisco lives a crew of "Nerds" with the mission to bring transparency to people's life financial decisions, working hard to overthrow the fine print and jargon of financial products that have long stood in the way of the customer decision-making process.

With a marketplace-style website, and a growing editorial staff that unravels the world of finance for consumers, NerdWallet has become the trusted partner for families in over 45 financial decisions that matter to them, from checking/saving accounts, mortgage loans and medical insurance to retirement investments and college student loans. Site visitors count on NerdWallet for comprehensive, clear and simple guidance on financial options, free advice from financial experts, and bargains searched via NerdWallet's Dealfinder platform.

NerdWallet is the brainchild of founders Tim Chen and Jake Gibson. After spending a few years of his career at a hedge fund, Tim started NerdWallet during the financial crisis in 2009. The founders bootstrapped for five years to build the product and their own team.

Our ethos is to be the source of clarity for all life’s financial decisions.

Tim Chen
CEO & Founder