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Reimagination. That's what Paofit's app, RunSocial, is all about. It's a product that reimagines possibilities and spaces to inject excitement into the dreadful treadmill (dreadmill!) routine. If you think there is a trade-off between indoor and outdoor running, between socialising activities and solitary treadmill training, RunSocial will change your mind. Simply choose a running route, and let RunSocial plunge you into exciting adventures around the world: amid the deserted and rocky ridges of Death Valley; the soulful landscape of Tuscany; the majestic Swiss Alps, and many more.

Your joy of immersing in these scenic routes will be fuelled further as you share it with exuberant runners along the way. Appearing as avatars on the app, runners race with each other on the virtual routes no matter where they are physically. The app is packed with a variety of options for tracking and social purposes, elevating the running experience physically, visually and emotionally. RunSocial revolutionises the running and fitness sphere, as running events, whether for competing, charity or social purposes, are made virtually possible with low overhead and no space or time limitations.

Demonstrating just how coolly innovative RunSocial is, the company has teamed up with the Virgin London Money Marathon to create the world's first digital marathon, enabling runners to experience the marathon on their treadmill from anywhere. What's more, British ESA astronaut Tim Peake will run the 2015 marathon on RunSocial from outer space at the International Space Station, proving that there really are no limits.

We call it mixed reality. It’s a form of virtual reality, but it reflects the real world. While we’re running, we can see each other and other runners appearing inside the film, like an interactive video game. That's unique.

Marc Hardy