An international online shopping revolution for Indian consumers.

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Getting their hands on the latest, coolest gadgets in town, or owning newly launched foreign-branded products used to be unfulfilled dreams for many Indian consumers, with options largely limited by cross-border trade barriers. For years, despite the presence of e-commerce behemoths like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, this disappointment remained unsolved, unheard and unexplored.

For a market as large as India, where customer demographic and size is favourable, a lack of attempt to bridge this gap could trap the growth potential of the sector. SYW (Exboders) offers Indian consumers a new paradigm in online shopping. It pulls the widest range of products from the two largest consumer markets, the US and China, to India. What seemed to be unrealistic desires are now within the reach of anyone with a computer screen and a click. An owner of two million SKUs listed on its platform, with no carried inventory because of its "JIT back-to-back ordering model", and an experienced CEO with over 20 years of experience, Shop Your World is well on its way to putting an end to the frustrating and cumbersome process of acquiring and purchasing international brands.

Our average order size is Rs 4,500 which is itself more than three times the average order value of the largest Indian e-commerce sites.

Sandip Shah
Shop Your World