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SiliconBlue Technologies Corporation was a US-based manufacturer of ultra-low power programmable logic devices (FPGAs) that the company called "mobile FPGAs." Its products targeted mobile and hand-held electronics applications that required low power and small physical size.

SiliconBlue's mobile FPGA products were notable because their devices were the lowest power FPGAs to be marketed. In fact, their devices were low power and low cost enough to be used in cell phones. This was a significant advance in FPGA design and would potentially open up new markets to FPGAs where they had not till then been practical.

SiliconBlue's FPGA fabric featured very common architecture based on a four-input look-up table (LUT4) and flip-flops. The iCE65 fabric included RAM blocks, each with 4,096 memory bits, arranged as 256 locations, each location 16 bits wide. However, the write port had a write mask input port that allowed any smaller width of memory to be emulated. The iCE65 'P' FPGAs also included an on-chip PLL/DCM; the iCE65 'L' FPGAs did not have a PLL. The only other special primitives were global buffers and warmboot primitive.

Founded in 2006, privately held SiliconBlue Technologies was the leader in Custom Mobile Device (CMD) solutions, with over 250 active end customers and more than 40 patents. The company offered a total solution for handset applications, including IP, design services and a new class of ultra-low power, single-chip, CMOS SRAM mobile FPGA devices with patented non-volatile configuration memory (NVCM). It was acquired by Lattice Semiconductor in 2011.