Leading edutainment company that produces high-quality TV series for Disney, Nickelodeon.

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Leaving his comfortable position as Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Dr Wong Kok Chong chose to pursue a different path, one that is riskier yet more meaningful, a path to realise his dream of building a Pixar of Asia.

Established in Singapore in 2006, Sparky Animation is now an accomplished animation production and content development company. With proprietary technology for animation production and a team of experienced managers and competent artists, Sparky Animation is capable of producing high-quality animation shows at shorter production time and lower costs.

Sparky has consistently produced high-quality shows and 3D animation content for global clients, with many aired on renowned broadcasters such as PBS (USA), Disney (UK), ABC (Australia), TVNZ (New Zealand) and many others. Dinosaur Train, selected as the Top Kids' Show by People Magazine, and Mr. Moon received the highest viewership on ABC in Australia in 2011, demonstrating Sparky's technology innovations and ability to meet international standards. Sparky also owns intellectual properties for three other animated TV series - Jack, One Stormy Night, and Fleabag Monkeyface - aired in many countries. The ability to handle large-scale products has earned Sparky deals from other clients like BBF (Dublin), Disney (USA), Lammtara (Dubai), SAMG (Korea), and GLUKOZA (Russia).

In hopes of taking on an alternative challenge, I decided to form Sparky Animation which has offered me a plethora of opportunities and experiences that I never thought possible.

KC Wong
Sparky Animation