An interactive game-changer app to identify talents for the music industry.

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Need a formula to quickly elevate your talent in the music industry? Follow these three easy steps: download Starmaker app, select a song to perform, and...start singing. It is that simple an idea, yet profoundly powerful.

Not everyone has an equal chance to showcase their talent and build a career out of it. Starmaker is defining new possibilities for music content creation, publishing and consumption by levelling the playing field for all artists. Talent discovery will no longer be bound by restricting online or offline factors, because singing a Rihanna song from your own bedroom will not in any way put you at a disadvantage from other contestants. Being part of the Starmaker network is being within its protected arch to freely upload videos as the Company has established deals with music publishers. Starmaker can provide artists the launch pad to safely land on Youtube, Facebook, Vine or even American Idol.

We’re injecting new talent to the platform en masse, with a state of the art tool in their pockets, a clear path through the maze of rights that have been so challenging for independent artists to navigate, and the ability to build their own careers.

Jeff Daniel