New paradigm in synthetic DNA for health and sustainability.

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One of Fast Company's 2015 Most Creative People in the Business, Twist Bioscience offers customers in the pharmaceuticals, chemical, agricultural and diagnostic industries a new paradigm in synthetic biology. The DNA modification process usually involves various experimentations on natural genomes to identify specific combinations for specific purposes. Finding the right fit for a particular industrial usage is thus few and far between. This accounts for the high costs of synthetic DNA acquisition and a time-consuming design process. Companies are faced with a limitation of options for trial-and-error as a result.

Twist is tackling the bottleneck in this complex process with a simple solution. The company's core invention rests on a postage stamp-sized 10,000-well silicon plate, a proprietary semiconductor-based synthetic DNA manufacturing process to develop synthetic biology tools, such as genomes, pathways, oligonucleotides, etc. This replaces the regular Popart-sized 96-well plastic plates that have been used in the industry for a long time.

Twist's solution brings the industry another step closer to unveiling the building blocks of life. It puts more tinkering power into the scientists' hands to assemble DNA strands using affordable, rapid and accurate tools. We can now dream of a future where chemical productions are more sustainable, agriculture yields are enhanced, vaccines against deadly epidemics are rapidly created, or air pollution is more quickly resolved.

I believe that biology has the power to balance the competing needs of an expanding population while improving the world we live in today. Plants and microbes will facilitate new developments that allow us to feed the world, to create sustainable energy sources and to maintain the health of people.

Emily Leproust
Twist Bioscience