100 percent invested in Building Superior Global Market Value.

Building successful businesses that create value for our investors and entrepreneurs. That's what we do. We invest in potentially groundbreaking ideas and innovations, partnering exceptional entrepreneurs to realise their vision and scale their companies globally.

We know what it takes to build sustainable, profitable world-class businesses because we've been there, we've done it. Focusing our investment strategies on addressing what we believe are investment gaps, we bring together the team, the experience and the connections that have steered numerous companies towards achieving, and even exceeding, their goals.

Global network and reach.

Harnessing decades of collective industry and entrepreneurial experience, we have been at the forefront of cultivating Singapore's start-up community. Yet we are a venture capital company with a unique global dimension, operating with a cohesive team of partners and advisors that spans Singapore, Europe and North America.

Our extensive and continually expanding network of contacts, partners and portfolio companies is your gateway to key strategic relationships and rich technology experience, including a deep connection in Silicon Valley. Wherever you are based, we have the ability to not only help build your business locally but also expand it to the global arena - whether from Singapore out to the region and beyond, or helping you to establish a foothold in Asia.

A powerhouse of experience.

Our multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team has worked together for many years, creating synergies and channeling a multitude of skills and keen insight into evolving markets and trends to help our companies fulfil their potential. Having experienced multiple economic cycles, they have invaluable lessons to share. Our team's globalization skills also enable us to channel support from governmental institutions towards helping our entrepreneurs.

Partnerships built on trust.

We invest more than just capital, time, expertise and our network. We invest in people. Merging our team's Western training with Asian discipline, we believe that creating value means building a collaborative framework built on long-term trust between iGlobe and the management teams and entrepreneurs in whom we invest, supporting them at various stages of growth through direction, strong partnership and mentoring.


We invest in transformative industries.

We invest in entrepreneurs who are shaping development in these three core areas: Smart Cities, Synthetic Biology, and Financial Technology (FinTech) — disruptive technologies that are expected to have the greatest impact and influence on consumers and enterprises in the future. Are you ready to revolutionise our world?

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