We partner exceptional entrepreneurs in their journey to become global market leaders.

We are independent thinkers who partner the changemakers, the builders and the explorers in the quest to realise their dreams. We pursue breakthroughs, technological disruptions and fresh perspectives that can potentially advance the future. We operate globally with a close-knit team of partners in Asia, North America and Europe who share a passion to transform young companies with big ideas into global market leaders.

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Creating lasting value in whatever we do.

Yoke Sin Chong
Managing Partner

A leading Venture Capital firm in Singapore, we have a strong track record in leading growth companies for globalization, and delivering superior returns for our entrepreneurs and investors.

We always felt that we should push ourselves hard to make tools that were for everyone, rather than just the biggest companies. We’ve achieved that. Most of the big companies use our software on some level.

  • David Helgason
  • David Helgason

Simplicity is our bold mission to liberate the enslaved workforce from overly complex and redundant Enterprise Resource Planning systems that require extensive training to use.

  • Alex Lau
  • Alex Lau

Outstanding entrepreneurs who are passionate and driven in pursuit of their goals excite and inspire us.

Whether you’re a start-up company with big ideas backed by a sustainable business model, or an investor ready to make a big impact, we’d love to hear from you.

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