iGlobe December 2016 Update: The Harvest

iGlobe harvest series: SooBoon Koh represented CWG to receive the award

We plant the seed, work the ground, and reap the harvest. It’s the virtuous cycle behind every human progress. This month, we bring you our stories of harvest.

Way to go, Anthony!

Stretched goals and causes inspire actions and enable progress – personally, professionally and economically. iGlobe’s network constitutes those who embody and embrace such belief.

Mr Anthony Ang, iGlobe’s Venture Partner, has been appointed Non-Resident ambassador to the Republic of Tunisia. Anthony’s prior management experience with EDB, ARA, Vertex and GIC lends him a wealth of knowledge as head-start. Yet, the global political climate this year will also bring unprecedented challenges into the new role.

Speaking of his new appointment, Anthony shared,

“It is an honour to represent Singapore as an Ambassador. I hope my broad government and business experience provide relevant context and insights to facilitate business and cultural exchanges between Singapore and Tunisia.”

iGlobe Harvest series: Anthony Ang Singapore ambassador
Source: Channel News Asia

Tunisia played a pivotal role in the genesis of Arab Spring, the democratic uprisings that arose and sprang forth across different Arabian countries since December 2010. Six years since the political regime change, Tunisia has made formidable headway in consolidating its democracy. Today, the country has successfully transited from authoritarian rule to a democratic system.

As Singapore Ambassador, Anthony will promote the interest and standing of the nation with Tunisia. His work will seek to deepen bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

It is said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its part”. Zealous in global issues, dynamic in contribution, and agile in multiplying impact beyond the local context, our people collectively make iGlobe’s network wide, diverse, relevant and forward-looking.

We look forward to hearing good news from Anthony.

Starmaker crossed the finished line.

We are marathon runners, and full-time champions of our entrepreneurs and their quests. Committed to run the race with change makers, we work hard, to finish well, and celebrate with our entrepreneurs at the finish line.

iGlobe harvest series: Starmaker acquired by Starfruit

On 10 August 2016, we celebrated the successful exit of Starmaker. And it was exhilarating. The exit also marks our 4 years of hard work and collaboration with Jeff Daniels and the team.

Starmaker was recently acquired by a large Beijing Internet group focused on the development of interactive platforms and applications. The acquisition of Starmaker accelerates its speed to market, and extends the company’s reach to target audience through music platform. This launches another vertical for the company, complementary to the existing lines on games, software and social voice communication.

Blow the trumpet for gender diversity across domains

The Career Women’s Group (CWG) received “Outstanding Women’s Organisation Award” in Thai Women’s Day this year. SooBoon Koh, iGlobe Managing Partner, also CWG’s Chairwoman, represented the group to receive the award from Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

iGlobe harvest series: SooBoon Koh represented CWG to receive the award
Source: SPCG

This is a well-deserved recognition for CWG’s efforts in championing women’s leadership and positive social influence over the years. Set up in July 1994 under Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the group has dynamically created opportunities for professional women to gather, learn through network, and contribute better with their collective wisdom and strength.

Over 600 female members in CWG network hold various positions spanning across the industries. Their presence brings the message of women’s unique influence in today’s world – a message of compassion, justice, grace, fellowship and virtues.

SooBoon has long espoused board diversity and the inclusion of women in Tech and Tech education. She is also an early member of Women Corporate Directors (Singapore & Shanghai Chapters) to mentor other professional women to participate in private Boards.

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