Virtual Reality gets Real

Mixed reality technology: Paofit/ RunSocial

VR is here to stay. Media giants are making big bets on the VR wave. Google Glass, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook, HTC, are some of the familiar faces actively laying the foundation and moulding the future of this lucrative industry.

3D Sensors also steer into mobile devices. Project Tango is Google’s attempt to create a 3D-mapping tablet that utilises various sensors to reconstruct the physical world into virtual images. Intel’s RealSense 3D tech woos users with its cutting-edge depth-capturing camera technology. It can open up vast prospects not only for mobile photography, but also for 3D environment mapping and content creation.

VR indeed is making its big play for mainstream adoption. Companies attempt to extend the frontier of their own business by owning a place in the VR/ AR world. Used to be only luring to gamers in the early days, VR sweeping effect is now felt across the industries, from military, to healthcare, entertainment, fashion, and business.

AR/VR potential has yielded much interest among the investors as the result. First 2 months of 2016 saw $1.1B in investment in VR/ AR, a significant jump in total size of investment from $700M in 2015. Sony Asia has recently entered a $8M-contract with a Shanghai company to produce VR content.

iGlobe’s VR portfolio companies are part of this technology revolution. And they have exciting stories to tell.

Virtual Reality Technology company: matter port
Source: Matterport
Matterport penetrates deep and expands wide, gearing up for market dominance

End-to-end capture distribution system has garnered large collection of 325,000 hosted spaces, over 20,000 spaces per month and over 8 million unique views monthly. Matterport’s rich 3D databases and fully scalable cloud platform facilitate VR adoption in VR headsets and applications.

The Company is in the forefront to initiate a big push into deep learning. This extends its lead in capture, making 3D reconstruction from 2D images within reach.

Residential real estate, travel and hospitality, apartment and rental listings remain at the heart of technology application. Deeper penetration in adjacent markets are in the radar. Experience with Matterport’s spaces will also take another leap with upgraded camera platform.


Virtual reality company: Unity3D
Source: Unity3D
Phenomenal platform growth places massive opportunities in the palms of developers

Unity officially joined Billion Dollar Valuation Unicorn Club after $181M hefty financing round in July this year. Pokemon Go, the recent AR game smash hit, was knitted with Unity’s engine. 95% of mobile content on Oculus is also developed on Unity, a clear testament for Unity’s forefront position in this huge AR/ VR market. Unity is poised for strong growth ahead as the top-of-the-mind partner for every meaningful AR/VR platform.

2016 has also been a phenomenal year for platform growth. Comprehensive platform support ushered a whopping 5B game downloads into the hands of Unity developers last quarter.

In November, Facebook Gameroom, available on Windows 7 and up, was released, satisfying gamers’ yearning for immersive gaming experience. Riding on this opportunity, Unity joined hands with Facebook in Unity 5.6, allowing developers direct game export to Gameroom next year.

Xiaomi, one of the top Chinese Android-device manufacturers, has registered over 50B download to date on its app store. Xiaomi has recently been part of Unity’s nexus. For Unity game developers, this partnership means potential massive reach to the Chinese audience on Android at the fingertips.

Mixed reality technology: Paofit/ RunSocial
Source: Paofit/ RunSocial
Mixed reality platform heightens physical sports activity experience

Paofit Augmented 360 video technology allows the conversion of passive videos into a more interactive user experience. Runners can run on the treadmill anytime anywhere, while virtually socialising and competing on digital panoramic routes selected from RunSocial app. Packed with various options for tracking and social purposes, RunSocial elevates running experience physically, visually and psychologically.

Ad agencies, tourism agencies, event brands/ sponsors, gym owners and etc can leverage on RunSocial platform for social shopping, virtual running events, simulation training or advertisements.

An increased focus on video technologies and core tech team sets higher tempo for RunSocial’s market penetration. New running routes are underway, and the boost in PR & Marketing in the upcoming period can propel the company into new stage. RunSocial is all geared up to create real indoor fitness revolution.

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